Put On A Show

Put on a show every time you present. Why? Because folks love to be entertained. You can do this by adding enhanced vocal variety to your voice, extra gestures and lots, I mean lots of stories.
Will it decrease your content? No way. The idea is to grab the attention of your audience and keep that attention on your topic.
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2 Responses

  1. Leslie Thomas Flowers Says:

    How right you are! Your words constitute only 7% of your presentation (unless it’s academia of course). The rest is between voice and body language. It’s all about entertainment. It is however critical to practice the content over and over again so you can generate it easily and pay close attention to influencing your audience with voice, comedy, and like you said, entertainment. Hard practice — easy play.

  2. Idea Coach Says:

    Thanks Leslie, your advice is wise. I like your quote “Hard practice-easy play”