Pull Back and Breath During Your Next Fast-Paced Presentation

Have you ever heard internet marketers who sound as if they have to go to the bathroom or catch the train. they are rushing through their material and breathing very fast. If you listen closely you can even hear them swallow in the middle of a sentence because they ran out of air.

A simple solution is to stop, pause and breath. It is also better to breath from the diaphragm rather than from your chest where you will sound like you are running out of air. Now, does it stop folks from hanging on to your money making suggestions? NO, they will still cling to every breath and even offer you a virtual glass of water if you start coughing as long as you don’t stop.

But it can hurt you and future preformance. So please stop and breath.

You can still share a great deal of information with your audience without sounding rushed or manic.

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