Program Yourself to Have Energy Even if You Are Tired

Program your mind to have energy even if you are tired when presenting online. A tired voice only convinces folks that you stayed up half the night preparing for the presentation. It may also mean that you had techno issues  that wore you out.

Now I am not suggesting that you ignore the fact that your are tired and need to rest. What I am suggesting is that you do not allow the tired, f atique heavy voice  to dampen your enthusiasm you need for your message.

Imagine the internet marketer who is sharing their unique product offer during a teleseminar saying. “I am so excited about this product, it will transform your online marketing.” If that line of text is delivered with a lack luster tone contradicting any real excitement you think the listeners will be convinced?

Sometimes I hear online marketers also deliver a line like the one above with a “matter of fact tone of voice.” It is almost as if they are required to share that line with you and cannot wait to just finish and crash.

So what am I suggesting?

I am suggesting that you even if you are tired, drink some water , remind yourself why presenting and force yourself to be energetic. Carefully, take breaths before words that need energy and speak slowing so you can place inflection on key words like “excited” and”transform”

Just remember, it is your message, your product and your responsibility persuade your listeners.

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