Pretend You Are Alert , Awake and About to Go on Stage

If you don’t feel like doing your presentation at 9 or 10 at night pretend that you do. In other words, many of you will, or are, doing teleseminars, online webinars or live presentations at hours that are reserved for watching a good movie with popcorn.

You may not have all the energy you want in your body. If there is no energy it will show in your voice. I am suggesting that if you are tired, emotionally or physically, pretend that you aren’t. Wash your face, drink some water and you are ready for show time.

Approach your teleseminar, webinar or late evening presentation with the energy of an actor. Condition yourself to smile, take a deep breath and put vocal variety in your presentation.

Now of course you should not do presentations when you are very tired. Part of the planning process is getting the right kind of rest. But there will be times when you could not get the right rest but you have a presentation scheduled. And I am saying to fake it! Act like you are not tired and deliver  your presentation with caring energy and enthusiam.

I strongly suggest a few stretches,and movement minutes before you speak. Also, keep a glass of wather with lemon , at room temp. near you. Shake your body like a fighter before the fight and come out punching.

Your audience deserves it.

What do you think?

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