Presentation Problems-Webinars

Have you ever been on a webinar and became frustrated because their were problems? Have you ever conducted a webinar but had problems with technical stuff like, no sound, no visual, no reason for it to mess up your session?

Well, I decided to share some references I found that might help you. I am also convinced that you should cautiously use a service that does ot allow an opportunity  to call for technical support during your presentation. Of course if you do not have access it is critical that you do some kind of rehearsal prior to the session with a staff member or friend.

What do you think?

Here are a couple of articles to check out. Some of them are directed to you as an audience member and others are for you the presenter. Many are the instructions given by particular webinar services. But I thought there were some good tips that can be mulled over and considered for implementation.

Making Your Webinar Experience Smooth and Simple

7 Keys to Running a Glitch Free Webinar-White Paper
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What Makes a Good Webinar?

5 Tips for Amazing Webinars and Web Meetings

Webinar Public Chat Be Careful What You Ask For

Finally thought this was a really cool tutorial for using one of the very popular systems called Go To Webinar

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