Peek Over the Shoulder of Good Online Marketing Presenters-Jeanette Cates

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There are so many good and great online marketers that present very well. My challenge for you is to listen and analyze what they do and how they do it. Ok, lets take someone like Dr. Jeanette Cates. She is a great presenter.

This is my assessment of her some of her skills. I have not looked at her platform skills but I can share a lot about her online presence. Here are things that I think she does quite well.

1. She listens to your questions and attempts to respond with the right answer.

2. Her voice tone is not hurried but encouraging you to try the sometimes daunting tasks.

3. Her energy level is high without sounding like she had too much coffee or cocaine.

4. She defines her terms not assuming that everyone will understand them

5. She involves her audience in the training by asking questions via online polls during her webinars.

7. Her vocal inflection gives a high level of importance and meaning to her words.

8. She shows concern for her audience. She dosen’t sound like the “Show me the money” type of presenter.

9. She spells out all of her url’s if they are not shown on the screen. She will, at times, also spell them out for listeners who are driving and not close to their computers.

10. She challenges her students with ACTION STEPS within a defined time period.

Ok, that was only 1o there are more. But if you want to experiance some of her material you can grab a free special report and e-course.
Keep peeking over the shoulders of those you hear. Observe how well they are presenting to you. Also, assess the things they are doing that you do not want to add to your tool box of delivery skills.

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