PAUSE-Give Folks a Water Break During Your Teleseminar

Water breaks are important during long teleseminars. If you are conducting a teleseminar that will last more than an hour PAUSE. During the short break they can:

  • Grab something to drink
  • Empty the bladder
  • Stretch
  • Hug the hubby, wife, children . mom or dog, etc

As the presenter you can:

  • Stop the recording
  • Review you upcoming notes and decide if anything needs to be deleted
  • Grab water at room temp
  • Stretch
  • Hug hubby, wife, children ,mom, dog, etc
  • Empty bladder

I suggest starting the next segment with a short review keeping an energetic and upbeat vocal tone. Provide the excitment that will assure them that the best is still yet to come.

What are your thoughts?

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