Pause Before You Say Ah,Ok,So, You Know and Other Filler Words

Toastmasters Has The Right Idea

Pause the next time you are tempted to use a filler word. Toastmasters has the right idea. Each meeting there is an Ah counter. Their job is to listen for filler words made during a presentation. Believe it or not, even words like “okey”, “and everything” used to transition between thoughts can be interruptive.

Often folks are uncomfortable with the silence and feel as if every space must be used with words. When the right word escapes them that is where the filler words come to the rescue. Instead, consider pausing, breath and then speaking.

Listen to Your Recordings

Take a few minutes to listen to one of your last recordings. Did you have places where a simple pause could have replaced your filler word? Did you sound as if you lost your place or thought? Did it sound as if you did not sound confident?

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