Feb 24
Put Your Words on Paper-Transcribe That Presentation Then Publish
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Have you ever given a speech, conducted a workshop or did a webinar and wished you had recorded it? Or have your recorded yourself and thought ” If only I had my words on paper I could publish an ebook or article.” There are so many things you can do with the words you have spoken once you have them transcribed.

One key thing you can do is review what you have said. Once you see your words in writing it is easier to edit them and produce an even better recording.  In addition, a webinar or teleseminar can easily be turned into a manual with the addition of pictures.

Today I chatted with a wonderful business woman who does transcriptions. Her name is Audrey Mckoy-Dixon.She works with professionals who rely heavily on audio recordings to support their business needs.

If you get excited and want to start putting those words on paper right away give Audrey a call at (770) 482-1092

And if you are planning to do a series of podcasts or other audio products consider using AudioAcrobat. Then GET IT TRANSCRIPED!

Oct 15
Publish Your Work!
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I am of the opinion that all internet marketers should publish a hard copy and digital copy of something with their name on it. Hard copies as well as cd’s and videos can all be shared with your audience when you are talking live to people from the platform or in the classroom.

I just heard a super workshop on self-publishing again. I really encourage you to visit www.parapublishing.org for super resources. Some publishing houses will do everything for you except marketing.
Many people will read Dan Poynters book, Self Publishing Manual or The Complete Guide to Self Publishing , by Tom and Marlyn Ross. Both are excellent. DO NOT GO TO THE LIBRARY FOR THEM-YOU NEED YOUR OWN COPIES FOR REFERENCE.Also, consider www.instantpublisher.com for print on demand. Many people are using it. If you have other resources please make a comment.
Some printers will even make the postcards for you and give place the bar codes on the books. Take your time to submit the info and gather your prices. Take advantage of the competition out there. Some printers will send you free self publishing kits.
I suggest developing a worksheet that you can record all of your comments for each printer you submit a request for price to. Also, ask each printer to send you a sample of thier work.
You may get a lot of free books(smile).
I would also suggest you get a copy of Writers Marketplace if you want to submit your material for publication by someone else. There is also a Photographer Marketplace for submitting photos!

I will be sharing more. And I look forward to your resources.