Feb 24
Put Your Words on Paper-Transcribe That Presentation Then Publish
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Have you ever given a speech, conducted a workshop or did a webinar and wished you had recorded it? Or have your recorded yourself and thought ” If only I had my words on paper I could publish an ebook or article.” There are so many things you can do with the words you have spoken once you have them transcribed.

One key thing you can do is review what you have said. Once you see your words in writing it is easier to edit them and produce an even better recording.  In addition, a webinar or teleseminar can easily be turned into a manual with the addition of pictures.

Today I chatted with a wonderful business woman who does transcriptions. Her name is Audrey Mckoy-Dixon.She works with professionals who rely heavily on audio recordings to support their business needs.

If you get excited and want to start putting those words on paper right away give Audrey a call at (770) 482-1092

And if you are planning to do a series of podcasts or other audio products consider using AudioAcrobat. Then GET IT TRANSCRIPED!

Nov 14
Peek Over the Shoulder of Good Online Marketing Presenters-Jeanette Cates
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This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Peek Over The Shoulder Of Good Online Marketing Presenters

There are so many good and great online marketers that present very well. My challenge for you is to listen and analyze what they do and how they do it. Ok, lets take someone like Dr. Jeanette Cates. She is a great presenter.

This is my assessment of her some of her skills. I have not looked at her platform skills but I can share a lot about her online presence. Here are things that I think she does quite well.

1. She listens to your questions and attempts to respond with the right answer.

2. Her voice tone is not hurried but encouraging you to try the sometimes daunting tasks.

3. Her energy level is high without sounding like she had too much coffee or cocaine.

4. She defines her terms not assuming that everyone will understand them

5. She involves her audience in the training by asking questions via online polls during her webinars.

7. Her vocal inflection gives a high level of importance and meaning to her words.

8. She shows concern for her audience. She dosen’t sound like the “Show me the money” type of presenter.

9. She spells out all of her url’s if they are not shown on the screen. She will, at times, also spell them out for listeners who are driving and not close to their computers.

10. She challenges her students with ACTION STEPS within a defined time period.

Ok, that was only 1o there are more. But if you want to experiance some of her material you can grab a free special report and e-course.
Keep peeking over the shoulders of those you hear. Observe how well they are presenting to you. Also, assess the things they are doing that you do not want to add to your tool box of delivery skills.

Dec 5
Pretend You Are Alert , Awake and About to Go on Stage
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If you don’t feel like doing your presentation at 9 or 10 at night pretend that you do. In other words, many of you will, or are, doing teleseminars, online webinars or live presentations at hours that are reserved for watching a good movie with popcorn.

You may not have all the energy you want in your body. If there is no energy it will show in your voice. I am suggesting that if you are tired, emotionally or physically, pretend that you aren’t. Wash your face, drink some water and you are ready for show time.

Approach your teleseminar, webinar or late evening presentation with the energy of an actor. Condition yourself to smile, take a deep breath and put vocal variety in your presentation.

Now of course you should not do presentations when you are very tired. Part of the planning process is getting the right kind of rest. But there will be times when you could not get the right rest but you have a presentation scheduled. And I am saying to fake it! Act like you are not tired and deliver  your presentation with caring energy and enthusiam.

I strongly suggest a few stretches,and movement minutes before you speak. Also, keep a glass of wather with lemon , at room temp. near you. Shake your body like a fighter before the fight and come out punching.

Your audience deserves it.

What do you think?

Nov 29

The point is that phrases that are common to you may  put into another context by someone else. Are there things that you say on or off the platform that are slang or unknown by everyone in your audience. Think about it. Everyone, for example, does not use AOL. So the term “You’ve got mail” may not be familiar to them. (Unless they saw the movie)

How many times have you heard phrases like “Christmas is right around the corner”? Yet, I heard a story about someone using that phrase in a presentation and someone, unfamiliar with the term, actually stood at the door looking for someone named Christmas to come around the corner.

One day I shared a joke that had the punch line “You goose will be cooked.” There was someone translating my entire presentation live in Spanish. Yet, when they gave that term I didn’t get the laughs I usually got. The translators informed me that the term was not a common one to the multiple members audience who were from different parts of Latin America.

So think carefully about your phrases, terms, etc and be sure they will be understood by everyone who is getting your powerful message. Remember, you can always explain the terms or phrases you use. After all, that is our job.

Nov 25
Present All URL’s By Spelling Them Out
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Spell out the url’s when you are presenting via audio. Recently I interviewed someone and realized that whereas, I thought I heard the plural form the url it was actually the singlular form. Someone wrote me after the show to tell me that spelling out the name really helped.

Now, was I tempted to keep going and get back to the content? You bet, but knowing better I forced myself to do it as if I was in the listening audience.

Has that happened to you?

Nov 3
Put Energy In Your Voice When Doing Online Training
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Put energy in your voice when conducting online training. I am currently watching a online training video on Outlook 2007. I am tired but pushing myself because it is critical that I take my outlook to a higher level. Of course I rather finish watching a martial arts video with Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

But I was surprised and perked up when I heard Brian Culp start the introduction to the tutorial. His voice had great inflection and energy. I am now looking forward to learning. What a difference a voice can make. If you are interested in hearing his voice you can visit Baby Boomer Software Training and just listen to the first few tutorials for free. You will see what I mean.

Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy learning Outlook!

Nov 3

Other people listening via phone, in person or online need protection from conversations that exclude them. This can be done with a basic communication skill called rephrasing and repeating the question. When you are speaking from the platform to an audience many of us should make a point to either repeat or rephrase any questions you receive.

This is important for several reasons.

  • It helps to clarify your questioners intention and  your understanding.
  • It allows anyone hearing a recording to hear the question asked by someone who did not have a mike.
  • It gives you a chance to come up with the answer

Rephrasing the question will also give you a great opportunity to educate your other listeners. For example, if I ask an expert in SEO (Search  Engine Optimization) about keywords on a call or in a live session, there may be some people in the session who are clueless to what I am talking  about. Perhaps, the presenter just has not gotten to that part of the discussion.

What the presenter should do is rephrase the question and explain what the questioner means by the term “keywords”. If this is not done many in the session can become frustrated, intimidated or just plain mad.

Now believe it or not, this can happen it social networking platforms like Twitter. Take a look at this excellent post by Problogger, Darien Rowse on how Twitter exchanges can leave many followers  out of the loop. He also suggests the use of the powerful communication tool of rephrasing to close the gap.

What are your thoughts? Does this make any sense?

Oct 4
Put On A Show
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Put on a show every time you present. Why? Because folks love to be entertained. You can do this by adding enhanced vocal variety to your voice, extra gestures and lots, I mean lots of stories.
Will it decrease your content? No way. The idea is to grab the attention of your audience and keep that attention on your topic.
For more ideas check out Rap Tap and Act

Mar 1
Present, Present, Present
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Present as much as you can. This will not only give you practice but expose you to more people. The more people who hear you the more that might want to hear you again. So, try not to turn away opportunities to share your message with others.