Dec 7

I recently listened to a content filled interview on a very interesting online marketing topic. Thank goodness the expert that was interviewed kept things flowing. But the interviewer sounded as if they were doing Twitter posts or texting on a Blackberry during the interview.

The result was long pauses, monotone expressions and a clear lack of presence.  I have three suggestions:

1. Listen to your last recorded interview as if you were tuning in to the show. Observe the timing, pauses, lack of pauses and length of each pause.

2. Prepare a written script of your questions in large font size. Number each page and slide the paper over rather than turning.

3.  Focus on what the interviewee is saying. Show enthusiam in your voice.

Ok, that is all for now. But would love to know things you have observed or heard during teleseminar interviews.

Have you ever heard that during a teleseminar interview?

Dec 5
Pretend You Are Alert , Awake and About to Go on Stage
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If you don’t feel like doing your presentation at 9 or 10 at night pretend that you do. In other words, many of you will, or are, doing teleseminars, online webinars or live presentations at hours that are reserved for watching a good movie with popcorn.

You may not have all the energy you want in your body. If there is no energy it will show in your voice. I am suggesting that if you are tired, emotionally or physically, pretend that you aren’t. Wash your face, drink some water and you are ready for show time.

Approach your teleseminar, webinar or late evening presentation with the energy of an actor. Condition yourself to smile, take a deep breath and put vocal variety in your presentation.

Now of course you should not do presentations when you are very tired. Part of the planning process is getting the right kind of rest. But there will be times when you could not get the right rest but you have a presentation scheduled. And I am saying to fake it! Act like you are not tired and deliver  your presentation with caring energy and enthusiam.

I strongly suggest a few stretches,and movement minutes before you speak. Also, keep a glass of wather with lemon , at room temp. near you. Shake your body like a fighter before the fight and come out punching.

Your audience deserves it.

What do you think?

Nov 22

Position a mirror near your computer. Why? Because it provides an opportunity for you to check out your body language while you are presenting via phone. Your audience can develoop mental images of you by your voice. For example,If you are smiling during parts of your presentation it actually changes the tone of your voice. You sound friendly.


Humor is so helpful in relaxing your audience. Check your facial expressions. Does it show a frown? Your attitude really can be heard in your voice. So often, we wear what we feel on our face although we are not doin a face to face presentation.


That’s right the fatique in your face can be reflected in the energy of your voice.

So get a small mirror and place it where you can see it near your computer during  your next webinar or teleseminar.

Do you have any other ways that a mirror can help?

Nov 6

Pointing at your audience can do more harm than good. Folks get messages from your body language. Most of us know that ,yet we may continue to use language that can get in the way of our content. Sure, if someone really wants to get all of the marrow of information out of our bones they may submit to any body language you throw at them. But we should be concerned about HOW we say what we say.

If, for example, I am teaching folks how to blog for the first time, pointing my finger at them and telling them they will not make it unless they work at it for a while may be the truth. But it may also be what can shut them down. Their brain cells may actually get sluggish and not take in the content I am delivering.

What Some Folks Think You Are Saying When You Point Your Finger At Them

Body language expert, Patti A Wood feels that it when you point at your audience it is like shooting at them. Yet it is used often for different reasons. Read her excellent article.

There are also culturally different interpretations of finger pointing. In China for example, it may be considered offensive. 

Personally, If I point a finger at someone in my audience I am careful to do it with affirmation. In other words, I may say “You will not fail” or “You have the potential for greatness”. But overall, it is a tricky gesture to use and should be avoided unless you are totally aware of what you are saying and the expected response you want to have.Overall, I like to use open-handed gestures to stay on the safe side when speaking live to an audience. Hence, I try to know my audience ahead of time.

Why Should You Care As Internet Marketers?

Many internet marketers may not maintain lasting relationships with clients when they point their fingers at them during presentations. Some folks just don’t like it. It is my opinion that it can harm the presence and connection you want with your audience.

What do you think?