Apr 10
Play, Play, and Play to Stimulate Creativity
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Not too long ago I decided to play with my hula hoop. Not only did it work my abs but I am able to think through, and at times pray through, stuff. For example, if I had a keynote that needed work on an opening or closing my mind was able to come up with something creative.

Now there are other times I take a long walk, (for me that is play) to position myself to work on presentation ideas. Jokes and fun with hubby also creates an environment for ideas. The bottom line is to find time to PLAY and your ideas will flow.

Try it

Nov 14
Play Music-Talk The Lyrics
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Play music and imitate the vocal variety in the lyrics. Try talking the lyrics the way they are sung, Apply the same tone, and inflection.

Now it will seem strange. But it will help you to put more bounce and flow in your speaking. Try it.Need me to post an audio to demonstrate?