Feb 13

Listen to the audio simulation below. I am about to interview someone and doing my introduction, What do you notice that could be improved? How many times could a breath be inserted instead of an uhmm’s, ahs, etc?


Here is an improved version. A short breath was taken in the place of a distracting uhmm or ah.

Sep 6
Program Yourself to Have Energy Even if You Are Tired
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Program your mind to have energy even if you are tired when presenting online. A tired voice only convinces folks that you stayed up half the night preparing for the presentation. It may also mean that you had techno issues  that wore you out.

Now I am not suggesting that you ignore the fact that your are tired and need to rest. What I am suggesting is that you do not allow the tired, f atique heavy voice  to dampen your enthusiasm you need for your message.

Imagine the internet marketer who is sharing their unique product offer during a teleseminar saying. “I am so excited about this product, it will transform your online marketing.” If that line of text is delivered with a lack luster tone contradicting any real excitement you think the listeners will be convinced?

Sometimes I hear online marketers also deliver a line like the one above with a “matter of fact tone of voice.” It is almost as if they are required to share that line with you and cannot wait to just finish and crash.

So what am I suggesting?

I am suggesting that you even if you are tired, drink some water , remind yourself why presenting and force yourself to be energetic. Carefully, take breaths before words that need energy and speak slowing so you can place inflection on key words like “excited” and”transform”

Just remember, it is your message, your product and your responsibility persuade your listeners.

Please share your thoughts

Jul 16
PAUSE-Give Folks a Water Break During Your Teleseminar
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Water breaks are important during long teleseminars. If you are conducting a teleseminar that will last more than an hour PAUSE. During the short break they can:

  • Grab something to drink
  • Empty the bladder
  • Stretch
  • Hug the hubby, wife, children . mom or dog, etc

As the presenter you can:

  • Stop the recording
  • Review you upcoming notes and decide if anything needs to be deleted
  • Grab water at room temp
  • Stretch
  • Hug hubby, wife, children ,mom, dog, etc
  • Empty bladder

I suggest starting the next segment with a short review keeping an energetic and upbeat vocal tone. Provide the excitment that will assure them that the best is still yet to come.

What are your thoughts?

Jan 5
Pull Back and Breath During Your Next Fast-Paced Presentation
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Have you ever heard internet marketers who sound as if they have to go to the bathroom or catch the train. they are rushing through their material and breathing very fast. If you listen closely you can even hear them swallow in the middle of a sentence because they ran out of air.

A simple solution is to stop, pause and breath. It is also better to breath from the diaphragm rather than from your chest where you will sound like you are running out of air. Now, does it stop folks from hanging on to your money making suggestions? NO, they will still cling to every breath and even offer you a virtual glass of water if you start coughing as long as you don’t stop.

But it can hurt you and future preformance. So please stop and breath.

You can still share a great deal of information with your audience without sounding rushed or manic.

Dec 30
Pause Before You Say Ah,Ok,So, You Know and Other Filler Words
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Toastmasters Has The Right Idea

Pause the next time you are tempted to use a filler word. Toastmasters has the right idea. Each meeting there is an Ah counter. Their job is to listen for filler words made during a presentation. Believe it or not, even words like “okey”, “and everything” used to transition between thoughts can be interruptive.

Often folks are uncomfortable with the silence and feel as if every space must be used with words. When the right word escapes them that is where the filler words come to the rescue. Instead, consider pausing, breath and then speaking.

Listen to Your Recordings

Take a few minutes to listen to one of your last recordings. Did you have places where a simple pause could have replaced your filler word? Did you sound as if you lost your place or thought? Did it sound as if you did not sound confident?