Oct 9
Protected: Safety Ambassadors Openings and Closings
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Apr 10
Play, Play, and Play to Stimulate Creativity
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Not too long ago I decided to play with my hula hoop. Not only did it work my abs but I am able to think through, and at times pray through, stuff. For example, if I had a keynote that needed work on an opening or closing my mind was able to come up with something creative.

Now there are other times I take a long walk, (for me that is play) to position myself to work on presentation ideas. Jokes and fun with hubby also creates an environment for ideas. The bottom line is to find time to PLAY and your ideas will flow.

Try it

Feb 24
Put Your Words on Paper-Transcribe That Presentation Then Publish
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Have you ever given a speech, conducted a workshop or did a webinar and wished you had recorded it? Or have your recorded yourself and thought ” If only I had my words on paper I could publish an ebook or article.” There are so many things you can do with the words you have spoken once you have them transcribed.

One key thing you can do is review what you have said. Once you see your words in writing it is easier to edit them and produce an even better recording.  In addition, a webinar or teleseminar can easily be turned into a manual with the addition of pictures.

Today I chatted with a wonderful business woman who does transcriptions. Her name is Audrey Mckoy-Dixon.She works with professionals who rely heavily on audio recordings to support their business needs.

If you get excited and want to start putting those words on paper right away give Audrey a call at (770) 482-1092

And if you are planning to do a series of podcasts or other audio products consider using AudioAcrobat. Then GET IT TRANSCRIPED!

Feb 13

Listen to the audio simulation below. I am about to interview someone and doing my introduction, What do you notice that could be improved? How many times could a breath be inserted instead of an uhmm’s, ahs, etc?


Here is an improved version. A short breath was taken in the place of a distracting uhmm or ah.

Oct 18
Plan Your Next Presentation-FREE Planning Form
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When you plan your presentation you actually reduce the drama that can arise during a presentation. I have provided a FREE simple planning form. I am also providing a sample worksheet. Tell me if this is helpful for you.

Planning Form

Sample Worksheet

Jun 11
PowerPoint-Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 Rule
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PowerPoint is a mainstay from the corporate board room to outreach community presentations. But, as many of you know, I believe in making the PowerPoint as an aide to your presentation and not the hub.  YOU are the presenter and PowerPoint should only enhance and illustrate your points.

Guy Kawasaki is a brand name on the lips of most folks concerned with business. He is a venture capitalist. His rule may not work for the Lead Poisoning expert conducting a 3 hour training for lead inspectors. Yet, I agree with his focus on making a conscious choice of your slides. Are 100 slides really needed for an hour presentation?

I share this post because it does make sense to develop some kind of rule that will NOT make PowerPoint the mainstay of your presentation. Try to put more stories, less slide reading and less clutter on your slides.

Read his post and view his video. If it can influence you to make at least a reduction by 25% of the number of slides you use in your PowerPoint and increase by 35% interactive strategies in your presentation it might be a major improvement. Note that this post was written in 2005 yet still very relevant.

Read Guy Kawasaki’s  10-20-30 rule let’s make this go viral.

View the video clip

Jan 7
Pay Attention to Videos Outside of Your Area of Expertise
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Observe and study videos about topics you know little about. Why? Because you will probably be able to see presentation delivery good and bad points without a distraction from the content.
In other words, you will see clearly without a split focus on what is being said just how it is said. Give it a try.

Nov 14
Peek Over the Shoulder of Good Online Marketing Presenters-Jeanette Cates
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There are so many good and great online marketers that present very well. My challenge for you is to listen and analyze what they do and how they do it. Ok, lets take someone like Dr. Jeanette Cates. She is a great presenter.

This is my assessment of her some of her skills. I have not looked at her platform skills but I can share a lot about her online presence. Here are things that I think she does quite well.

1. She listens to your questions and attempts to respond with the right answer.

2. Her voice tone is not hurried but encouraging you to try the sometimes daunting tasks.

3. Her energy level is high without sounding like she had too much coffee or cocaine.

4. She defines her terms not assuming that everyone will understand them

5. She involves her audience in the training by asking questions via online polls during her webinars.

7. Her vocal inflection gives a high level of importance and meaning to her words.

8. She shows concern for her audience. She dosen’t sound like the “Show me the money” type of presenter.

9. She spells out all of her url’s if they are not shown on the screen. She will, at times, also spell them out for listeners who are driving and not close to their computers.

10. She challenges her students with ACTION STEPS within a defined time period.

Ok, that was only 1o there are more. But if you want to experiance some of her material you can grab a free special report and e-course.
Keep peeking over the shoulders of those you hear. Observe how well they are presenting to you. Also, assess the things they are doing that you do not want to add to your tool box of delivery skills.

Oct 20
Presentation Problems-Webinars
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Have you ever been on a webinar and became frustrated because their were problems? Have you ever conducted a webinar but had problems with technical stuff like, no sound, no visual, no reason for it to mess up your session?

Well, I decided to share some references I found that might help you. I am also convinced that you should cautiously use a service that does ot allow an opportunity  to call for technical support during your presentation. Of course if you do not have access it is critical that you do some kind of rehearsal prior to the session with a staff member or friend.

What do you think?

Here are a couple of articles to check out. Some of them are directed to you as an audience member and others are for you the presenter. Many are the instructions given by particular webinar services. But I thought there were some good tips that can be mulled over and considered for implementation.

Making Your Webinar Experience Smooth and Simple

7 Keys to Running a Glitch Free Webinar-White Paper
(Note-you will need to opt in to get the White Paper

What Makes a Good Webinar?

5 Tips for Amazing Webinars and Web Meetings

Webinar Public Chat Be Careful What You Ask For

Finally thought this was a really cool tutorial for using one of the very popular systems called Go To Webinar

Sep 6
Program Yourself to Have Energy Even if You Are Tired
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Program your mind to have energy even if you are tired when presenting online. A tired voice only convinces folks that you stayed up half the night preparing for the presentation. It may also mean that you had techno issues  that wore you out.

Now I am not suggesting that you ignore the fact that your are tired and need to rest. What I am suggesting is that you do not allow the tired, f atique heavy voice  to dampen your enthusiasm you need for your message.

Imagine the internet marketer who is sharing their unique product offer during a teleseminar saying. “I am so excited about this product, it will transform your online marketing.” If that line of text is delivered with a lack luster tone contradicting any real excitement you think the listeners will be convinced?

Sometimes I hear online marketers also deliver a line like the one above with a “matter of fact tone of voice.” It is almost as if they are required to share that line with you and cannot wait to just finish and crash.

So what am I suggesting?

I am suggesting that you even if you are tired, drink some water , remind yourself why presenting and force yourself to be energetic. Carefully, take breaths before words that need energy and speak slowing so you can place inflection on key words like “excited” and”transform”

Just remember, it is your message, your product and your responsibility persuade your listeners.

Please share your thoughts

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